Smoke Alarms:

Are you 100% sure that your smoke alarm is working properly and that it provides sufficient protection for your family? Smoke alarms are life-saving devices that provide benefits for all households. Despite its small size, a Smoke alarm is essential in any home and is an important safety device. Photoelectric and Ionisation smoke alarms are the 2 types of Smoke Alarms available today. Each alarm detects smoke and fire at different stages. Photoelectric smoke alarms are able to detect smoke before there is a fire present. These types of alarms are sensitive to early stage smoke and allow residents to exit the premises at an earlier stage as the air is still safe to breath. Ionisation smoke alarms generally detect the smell of smoke from flames and are widely used to detect fast flaming fires. Breathing issues may occur as this type of Smoke alarm takes relatively longer to respond.


Safety switches protect you from electric shock. They turn off the electricity within milliseconds when a current leak is detected. This can happen if a faulty power point, wiring or electrical appliance is being used. Circuit breakers and fuses on the other hand protect the circuitry. Regardless of whether you own or rent you should consider a safety switch be installed on all circuits. One safety switch may not be sufficient. Call us and we can see what your home needs.